5 reasons manufacturing companies are outsourcing facilities management

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A great place to start is by fully understanding facilities management and how it can be beneficial, not only to large, multi-site businesses that need regular maintenance, but for those who are looking to grow and expand their estate.

The term facilities management is used to cover a vast range of services for a customer building, project or estate. A facilities management service would ensure everything around the building or site is under control, whilst also taking into account safety, comfort and process efficiencies.

There are key advantages to outsourcing facilities management services and here we’ll look at the important factors manufacturing companies are considering when looking to gain added value and support.

Keep operations under control.

Outsourcing specialist services is a great way of keeping track of operations. Facilities management companies are on hand to ensure their expertly trained staff complete services efficiently and within the time allocated, minimising the cost whilst maintaining a high level of service.

It’s a great way to save on costs.

Saving on costs may not be at the forefront of the objectives when companies look to outsource facilities management services, though it’s still an attractive benefit. Specialist services offer experience in specific areas and have access to resources that not all internal teams can offer; helping streamline project requirements and meet deadlines on time without the need for extensive training or a large staffing budget.

A service that is tailored to your needs.

One size doesn’t fit all. Some projects are bigger than others and require more attention, so the support needed can differ in response to the specific needs of the project. Facilities management services can be custom-made to suit the needs of the customer whilst also helping reduce overheads.

Overhead fees for a niche service can be costly. By allowing an external team to take control of the cleaning and maintenance, it allows manufacturing companies to concentrate on critical areas in-house.

Develop your internal team.

Outsourcing a specialist can also benefit your internal team and allow them to develop new skills; offering real opportunities to share best practices and implement new ways to help streamline processes.

Specialist teams are great for bringing in new, innovative ideas that not only benefit staff, but also the equipment and machinery they’re using.

Flexibility where you need it most.

Outsourced services are great for applying attention to the areas that need it most, whilst also managing the general needs of the facility. With broad expertise and specialist skills, Facilities Managers have the resources to deal with facility expansion and keep things running smoothly through the transition.

They’re also great for staffing purposes. Not all projects or services are needed on a regular basis, offering the advantage of flexibility in staffing costs when operation are seasonal. 

An extended part of the team that help the core business thrive.

Generally, for businesses that are expanding and looking to grow, support services can be beneficial and help to streamline processes, allowing companies to concentrate on other areas of the business that need more attention. Facilities management teams are a perfect fit for manufacturing companies who need flexible care that allows them to slim down on budget costs, whilst also creating new efficiencies in their day to day operations.

Facilities management now represents 5% of the global GDP, a great testimonial for how a supportive service can be imperative in helping business grow and succeed.

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