5 step guide to creating efficiencies and streamlining processes

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Overcomplicated processes within your facility are a drain on your resources and can lead to wasted time, stressed staff and missed deadlines. With some focussed management of your current processes, you could quickly see your workflow and bottom-line improved. Here are our five steps towards creating efficiencies and streamlining your processes.

Analyse your current situation

It’s often difficult to criticise your own work but identifying the issues within your processes is key. Steps where you are experiencing repeated problems should be the first to change. If you can’t change only the faulty steps in the process, don’t be afraid to start from scratch with a new way of working.

Consult the experts

A fresh perspective on your processes can identify issues you hadn’t considered yourself. Consulting an external team of facility management experts will offer you innovative ideas and new ways to implement them. Having seen the best and the worst of facilities management processes, expert partners will be able to understand your requirements and tailor solutions which fit the business.

Create long term partnerships

Once you have been working with an outsourced facilities management team, it’s important to continue to build a relationship. A long-term partnership means your business is understood by experts who can proactively offer advice and anticipate your needs. As time goes by, the partnership will become increasingly seamless, maximising the efficiency of your workflow and minimising your input, freeing up time to focus on higher level priorities.

Adjust and refine

Don’t get too comfortable once you’ve streamlined your processes. The key to maintaining efficiency is continuous monitoring of your business, to ensure processes are equipped to adapt to the changing needs of your team and business. Your partners will have the ability to be flexible and identify future changes as they appear.

Upskill your team

It’s not just your processes which determine the efficiency of your workflow. Your team is a core component in streamlining the business and ensuring that they are equipped with new skills and current knowledge is key. Your facilities management partner can help here too, as they share the latest industry knowledge, your team will gain fresh perspectives on their own roles within the business and be equipped to improve their own efficiencies.

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