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About MJF Group

At MJF, we put great emphasis on our working-class roots and humble beginnings. We continue to position ourselves as a company that strives to drive quality, sustainability and service to ensure we give our customers the best experience.

In every aspect of our work, in everything we do, we do it with pride, care and a smile to deliver quality results.

MJF Group’s Vision

Our internal value proposition is aligned with the external mantra helping deliver our purpose and mission.

Our values are rooted within the company, allowing us to create successful relationships and results for our clients.


In every aspect of our work, in everything we do, we do it with pride and care to deliver the best quality results. Our values are important to us as a company and influence everything we do on a day-to-day basis.

Deliver Solutions:

Always find a way and deliver on our promises

Drive Change:

Look to drive positive change, wherever possible

Strive for Success:

Aim for success in all aspects of what we do

Represent us:

Be enthusiastic and a positive advocate

Own it:

Take responsibility and have pride in everything we do


Help build an environment where everybody can grow

Team Player:

Continually champion team ethic and support each other

The Story of MJF

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Our History

From a Ladder and Bucket to the formation of a National Business

MJF Group’s founder Martin Ferguson marked the start of MJF’s successful journey as a self-employed window cleaner. MJF was established in 2006 as a domestic window cleaning business, which rapidly moved into the commercial sector.

As MJF became more recognised and reputable within the commercial cleaning market, in 2009, the company began to provide cleaning and support services to the construction industry. This led to MJF working nationally on some very exciting projects including Emerald Headingley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium and Jaguar Land Rover amongst many others.

In 2014, we were seeking complementary services to expand our service portfolio. This is when we acquired F&G Industrial, an industrial floor restoration company, enabling us to install all types of resin and wood flooring.

In our current form today as MJF Group, we operate as three specialist divisions; facilities management, specialist flooring and site services, serving UK clients nationwide.