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Resin Flooring

Project Scope

MJF was tasked with the transformation of a concrete floor with no purpose into a practical, systemised and safe floor space to support the daily coordination of a global manufacturer's operations at its site in Cheshire.

The Flooring Spec

The flooring specification had to fulfil the needs and demands of the munition manufacturing environment by providing durability, ease of cleaning, chemical resistance and design. For these reasons, a resin flooring system was chosen.

The Solution

Working closely with the client, all aisles were cordoned off with appropriate warning signs displayed. When the work area was safe, our operatives carried out captive shot blasting, producing a peppered surface, ready to receive epoxy resin coatings. On completion of shot blasting, we removed any escaped shot by means of industrial magnetic trollies and industrial triple motor vacuums.

We recommended a high build epoxy resin coating system to maximise the protection of the floor against vehicle traffic, which involved the application of one coat of water borne epoxy resin priming agent followed by two coats of a solvent free epoxy resin coating.

The aesthetic design of the floor was a critical criterion for this project as the resin floor played a vital role in relation to navigating machinery and employees safely around the factory. This involved segregating routes with yellow demarcation lines to distinctively separate the forklift truck routes from the pedestrian aisles and using appropriate vibrant colours to maximise floor visibility.

Work Duration

The full resin flooring project, including preparation, was completed over 5 days taking special care so as not to cause any disruption to the client’s activities.

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