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Leeds City Council - www.leeds.ac.uk


Resin Flooring

Project Scope

This project illustrates the seamless transformation from wood to resin flooring as a modern, durable and aesthetic floor refurbishment option.

The Flooring Spec

The team at Otley Nursery and Leeds City Council expressed a desire for a hardwearing, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing floor to replace an old, outworn parquet floor which suffered from significant flood damage. Safety was a key criterion for this project due to the floor purpose and environment, with young children being core users of the floor.

The Solution

What initially appeared to involve only the uplift and breakout of wood block flooring became a bigger job after we encountered a problem with the asphalt substrate after the uplift stage of works had begun. It had started to delaminate from the below concrete sub floor which meant we had to break out the full asphalt substrate before any preparation works could be started.

The initial specification had to be modified to fulfil the new flooring requirements with the addition of bonded polymer screed (45mm) using m-bond primer and Isopol SBR. These products had to be installed prior to preparation works to restore levels after breaking out 12 tonnes of failed flooring.

The floor surface was prepped using diamond grinders to remove all traces of bitumen to achieve a level, clean and smooth substrate surface ready for the application of polymer screed and Schönox FPL Plus (22mm).

Sika’s ComfortFloor® PS-27 system (2-3mm) was selected for the resin flooring project as it offers a host of colour and design options. The hardwearing functionality of the resin system, its decorative appearance and its low maintenance characteristics makes it the ideal, durable flooring solution for educational sectors.

Sika’s ComfortFloor® PS-27 system and a coating of Sikafloor®-305 W produce the ultimate smooth floor with a silky matt finish; key characteristics of a resin floor.


Our specialist team started works on the 22nd December 2018 and were briefed to work to a tight programme of works over the Christmas and New Year period. Due to the rigid nature of the schedule of works, there was no flexibility for errors or delays.

The revised specification required our team to work additional hours onsite to guarantee a timely handover and on budget delivery of works. The new resin flooring provided Otley Nursery with a safe and hardwearing replacement floor, designed to withstand high levels of foot traffic and remain aesthetically pleasing.

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