Floor Screeds and Levelling

The secret to a perfect floor is quality preparation

Specialist floor screeds and levelling from MJF Group

Our specialist flooring division specialises in floor screeding and levelling solutions for a range of commercial and industrial environments including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, engineering and sports.

Preparing your floor for long-term performance

The most important aspect of any floor is the preparation. Our floor screeding and levelling solutions ensure the highest possible performance, durability and longevity for your new floor.

As premier floor screeding contractors, we guarantee a high-quality, seamless finish.

Tailored solutions to fit your flooring requirements:

Our specialist flooring experts will work closely with you to understand the unique requirements of your project and recommend a screed and levelling solution that will ensure your floor performs to the highest standards.

There are two different types of floor screeds;

Floor levelling screeds

Levelling screeds are liquid screeds and can be defined as floor levelling compounds, a flat level flooring solution for commercial and industrial environments.

The purpose of a floor levelling screed is to smooth substrates before applying resin finishes. These products are generally fast-curing, low shrinkage and fully trafficable within hours, meaning resin can be applied the following day.

Floor levelling screeds have faster installation times than traditional sand cement screeds making them a more time efficient alternative.

Floor levelling screeds have a versatile nature as they can be installed in a wide range of thickness variations (4-50mm), based on the needs of the environment.

SBR polymer modified screeds

This type of screeds are known as styrene butadiene (SBR) polymer latex screed additives and bonding agents, a hardwearing flooring solution intended for heavy duty environments.

SBR polymer modified screeds are designed to produce slopes in flooring to facilitate variant slope and drainage requirements. These are primarily used for environments where sloping floors to drainage is required including food and beverage and healthcare.

The addition of the SBR polymer modified screed means that the screed can be overlaid in as little as three days as opposed to 21 days for normal concrete which also demonstrates low shrinkage, high early strength and excellent waterproof properties compared to sand cement screeds.

SBR polymer modified screeds can either be bonded or unbonded dependent on thickness (12-100+mm), based on the needs of the environment.

For more information on our floor screeds and levelling solutions, contact us via our website or on 01325 353700, and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a site visit.

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