Wood Flooring

Keep your wood flooring gleaming with our sanding and sealing services

Specialist wood flooring maintenance solutions from MJF Group

Our specialist flooring team provide wood floor maintenance and care solutions for a host of commercial sectors including educational and office environments.

Expert advice for perfect results

If your wood flooring is no longer looking its best, our specialist flooring experts can advise on the perfect package of services to get it looking as good as new. We will assess the type and original condition of the floor, and recommend a tailored project to give your wooden floors a new lease of life.

Wood Floor Sanding and Sealing

Our wood floor sanding and sealing package is designed to revive your floor to ‘good as new’ condition, and to provide long-lasting protection from wear and damage.

Our sanding process fills any gaps and smooths the floor to achieve the desired clean finish. Sealing then involves the application of wood floor lacquers and sealers. Our specialist flooring experts will work with you to select the correct product for your business, depending on the level and type of traffic your wood floor needs to withstand.

We source the highest quality products and we continue to work closely with key suppliers on our wood floor sanding and sealing projects including Floorstock. Following our wood floor sealing process, your floor will instantly feel revitalised, with long lasting protection against future damage.

For more information on wood floor sanding and sealing solutions, contact us via our website or on 01325 353700, and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a site visit.

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