Top things to consider when choosing resin flooring

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Top things to consider when choosing resin flooring

Deciding which materials and equipment to use when planning a new project can be tricky. Each decision can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your project, as well as on your budgets and deadlines. Flooring is no exception!

Flooring that doesn’t perform well and needs constant maintenance will turn out to be an expensive decision. Resin flooring is a great choice for commercial and industrial projects, offering a tough, chemical resistant floor suitable for all your needs. We are big advocates of resin flooring and here we share why!

Resin floors are unrivalled if you want a resistant flooring that acts as a barrier for your foundations. Resin combines with concrete to create a perfect partnership for effective resistance and longevity.

It’s durable! Resin flooring is great when working with chemicals because it’s easily washable. If you’re looking to pressure wash, it’s a suitable choice due to its high resistance to pressure. It’s also the perfect solution for environments that may be exposed to a variety of chemicals, including acid and petrol as it has a barrier-like personality which ensures the foundations underneath won’t be damaged.

And whilst it’s great for preventing damage, it can also look great too. With an extensive range of finishes, resin flooring is increasingly becoming more popular with commercial developments, in particular, educational institutions, testament to its resistant and safe nature. Attractive styles are now being incorporated into designs as a result of many stylish resin options being available today.  You won’t be stuck for choice due to an extensive assortment of colours and finish options. With our guidance and industry knowledge, we can help you select the right stylish finish for your resin floor needs.

Not only does it include the wow factor, it’s also really cost effective and durable – a perfect combination in today’s market. This makes resin flooring the ideal fit for a host of environments including offices, universities, manufacturing facilities and industrial projects. Resin creates a protective barrier for your foundations, prolonging life expectancy and preventing damages that come with time.

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